A roundup of my favourite posts from the past year {It’s my 1 year blog anniversary!}

I have been blogging for a year now and I thought it would be a good idea to reflect on the past twelve months, the highs, the lows and a roundup of my favourite posts and ones you might have missed along the way.

When I first started this blog I thought it would be a great way to indulge my passion for interiors and share affordable, achievable interior style ideas from around my home. It was also a way to document the progress made decorating our new house, turning it from a beige box into something more beautiful.

The whole process of setting up a blog has been a steep learning curve.With no background in web design or ICT, I really had to start from scratch and dedicate a lot of time to just ‘figuring it all out’ and becoming familiar with a whole new world of technical terms. I’m still nowhere near confident with it all but I’m pretty proud of how much more I now know compared to this time last year.

Investing in a DSLR camera coupled with hosting and domain costs have meant I’ve invested a fair bit of money into Design at 49 but it’s just like any other hobby really, you’ve got to invest in it to make the most of it and all hobbies cost money right? If I was into running *cringes at the mental image of yours truly trying to run for any prolonged length of time* I’d be shelling out on a pair of decent trainers, a Fitbit perhaps and maybe one of those arm band things for your Ipod…I could go on.

Playing around with editing software though has made me realise just how ultra-edited the pictures in magazines and on company Instagram pages for example really are. Creases in bed linen can be miraculously smoothed out and unsightly wires (even the whole socket) removed! Light can be added to gloomy rooms as if by magic and often there are whole teams of stylists behind the scenes busy adjusting accessories to make the whole scheme look just right.  I’ve learnt not to get too hung-up on the beautiful images we are bombarded with on the internet and not draw comparisons between them and my own home. Some images of interiors have been edited to within an inch of their lives in the strife for perfection and don’t reflect real living and well, frankly, there’s more to life!

So, back in March 2016 I first shared with you a bit of background info about the move to No. 49, the apartment we had moved from and my hopes and plans for the new place {catch up here}

I also shared my first little DIY project, the copper spray-painted frames for the gallery wall in the second bedroom, which I still love, but it will be given a bit of a shake-up next month! I’ve completed a few more projects since then including my thrifty TV unit upcycle as well as more recently, the dining room chairs.


In April last year I started my ‘Creating a welcoming atmosphere in your home’ five-part series. I shared advice and ideas on how to make your home inviting and cosy from using candles to sprucing up your hallway, introducing flowers and greenery in your home, boosting curb appeal and creating a coffee station in your kitchen.

{Part 1- Candles}

WoodWick has to be my absolute favourite candle company!

{Part 2 – Ideas to spruce up your hallway}

There are many ways to spruce up your hallway and make it warm and welcoming, from adequate lighting and clever storage solutions, to feel-good paint colours and personalised accessories.

{Part 3- Flowers and greenery}

Have you ever thought a space in your home seems to lack a little something but you can’t quite put your finger on it? The chances are, that something, is something green. Plants can completely transform a space and bring it to life (quite literally) They add texture, colour, height and a much needed natural element to a room.

{Part 4 – Coffee station}

Let us pay homage to the humble hot drink and make drinking coffee more of an experience. If your mugs are looking a little tired or chipped, why not treat yourself to some new ones, or try out a coffee syrup to liven up your drinks! Why not decant biscuits or hot chocolate powder into pretty jars for an instant kitchen uplift. You’ll be surprised how a few little changes will make your kitchen a much more welcoming place.

{Part 5 – kerb appeal}

Fisherman style lighting and potted bay trees create a beautifully symmetrical doorway.

Then there were my gorgeous kitchen shelves which I’m still very much in love with!

I’ve shared some finished room tours such as the hallway and dining area and there will be more to come over the next few months!


So there we have it! A roundup of some of my favourite posts from the last twelve months. I’ve learnt so much along the way and there’s so much more to come including the master bedroom and downstairs WC reveals which I’m excited to share with you soon!

Last of all, a big thank you to all of my amazing readers, I’m so grateful, thank you!

Enjoy the weekend 🙂 x

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