Meet Ruth

Hello! I’m  Ruth. Welcome to Design at 49 and thanks for stopping by!

I’m 28 and live in a new-build, three bedroom house in the West Midlands which we moved into in December 2014.

My home is a collection of all my favourite things which I share with my favourite person – my fiance Adam.

This blog is where I indulge my passion for interiors and share affordable, achievable interior style ideas from around my home. Although Pinterest and magazines are wonderful tools, dripping in gorgeous inspirational images of homes, I find they rarely reflect the reality of every-day British homes. I hope you can relate to both the joys and dilemmas of decorating and styling interiors which I blog about here at No. 49. 

There are so many different styles to draw inspiration from that starting with the blank canvas of a new-build can be both daunting and exciting in equal measures. I’ve found that by mixing what I love from a range of styles, I’ve created my own style. The common theme? It’s love. Filling my home with furniture, accessories and colours which I just can’t live without has been the way to build up schemes which which are not necessarily current or on trend but have meaning to me and reflect me as a person.

Just go with what you love!

Join me as I take you through each of the eclectic, ever-evolving rooms in my home, I hope you stay a while!