Coffee table refresh {A cute and colourful injection of Spring}

Well, hasn’t the weather been lovely today! Close your eyes in the sun and you could be fooled into thinking it’s Summer yet in the shade it felt more like Winter. So, the warmer weather has seen a few changes here at No. 49. My wardrobe particularly has been given a bit of a shake up this weekend, swapping out richer, heavier colours for those which are lighter and brighter; burgundy for baby blue and mustard yellow for mint green.

It’s been the same for my home accessories, the coffee table in particular. I’ve always had a tray to anchor a few bits and pieces on the table and I often swap out this for that on quite a regular basis. I’ve found that no matter what gets swapped in or out, the key elements which make for an interesting display stay the same. The best collections are ones which keep the eye moving and have varying heights, textures and colours.

Here’s a list of the elements which have stood the test of time on my coffee table display:

  1. A candle (the benefits of which I talked about in this post)
  2. Drinks coasters
  3. A stack of books
  4. A plant
  5. Seasonal bits and bobs which make me smile

This was how the tray looked during the winter…

Coffee Table Before 1

I love using a variety of metals in interior styling (think hammered bronze, copper and burnished golds) and I have a particular love affair with brass so when I saw this beauty of a candle snuffer (in Sainsbury’s of all places!) I knew it would be a perfect addition to my little tray. The hare figure was from Dunelm and the books, which I’ve collected over the years, are all vintage each with their own little story behind them.

Coffee Table

Recently however, I’ve felt it really needed an uplift for the new season.

The catalyst for this change was an unbelievably cute little trinket which I came across in HomeSense a few weeks ago. It was a blue and grey striped porcelain cup which held absolutely no purpose as far as I could gather except to sit looking pretty. (I think it was being marketed as an egg cup but I don’t think you could fit anything larger than a quails egg in it!)  At £1.99 I thought it would be a lovely addition to my soon to be newly refreshed table display and headed to the tills to pay.

It wasn’t until I was in the queue that I looked a little closer and noticed inside was the most adorable little bird’s nest motif! (I think I let out a little squeal of delight at that point.) It’s made by a company called Pip Studio which I hadn’t heard of before. Well, there’s nothing I love more than discovering an exciting new brand and I’m now head over heels in love! I urge you to look at their website, it’s chock full of the most beautiful home accessories, clothing and gifts and the attention to detail is stunning. My Pip Studio wish list is growing by the day!

Teamed with this newest addition, I swapped one of my beloved apothecary candles for the gorgeous April Showers Yankee and changed the vintage books for some with colourful, patterned covers.

Here’s the refreshed coffee table… I hope you like the updates I’ve made!

WP_20160408_002 1

after 5

coffee table after 4

Coffee Table after 3

What go-to accessories are on your coffee table? Have you made any changes in your home for Spring? Please share! I’d love to hear your thoughts…

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