Contemporary Panelling { Inspiration for your walls}

Think of wall panelling and you may think of dark, rather oppressive interiors – floor to ceiling mahogany covering the walls of historic, listed buildings and National Trust properties. You can however use panelling in modern homes to create some truly stylish and interesting spaces. It can add texture, interest and subtle impact to the finish of a room rather than the obvious feature wall or use of wallpaper. It also happens to be really practical too – covering up dodgy plasterwork, withstanding wear and tear and having the added bonus of being pretty affordable so what’s not to love!

In my opinion, the look of painted panelling is the best, particularly when it’s painted in a restricted palette of muted greys, greens and blues as these create calming, contemporary spaces. In this post I’ve put together some of my favourite uses of painted wall panelling!

Tongue and Groove

Firstly the classic look of tongue and groove panelling lends itself effortlessly to coastal or country properties. It works particularly well in bathrooms, hallways and utilities. Take a look at these beautiful examples of panelling being used…

Via Ideal Home
Via The Ram Inn
Via House & Garden
Via The Home That Made Me

Shaker Style

Shaker style panelling (the sort with the sunken centre I always say) has got to be my favourite. Its classic simplicity and clean lines fit into any scheme and if used without detailing or borders, it can have quite a Scandinavian, minimal look which is super contemporary, especially when painted in cool neutrals.

Look at how beautifully Shaker panelling has been used in this ultra-modern kitchen extension by architect Brian O’Tuama…

Credit – Siobhan Doran

I am so in love with this hallway. The herringbone flooring and that painted panelling is just stunning!

Via Wilding & Wolfe

Panelling can also hold its own in more dramatic or daring schemes. Just look at these WCs by architect Brian O’Tuama where panelling is teamed with a quirky wallpaper for an effect that’s anything but old-fashioned!

Credit- Ed Park
Credit – Ed Park

Often you can see great examples of panelling being used in hotels and restaurants. Think boutique chic and elegant spaces packed with style. Keep an eye out if you’re out and about this weekend!

Via Joanna Laajisto


The Crown At Wergs

So if you’re bored with painted plaster walls, why not give some thought to panelling! As well as being beautiful aesthetically, it’s also perfect for parts of the house that are prone to wear and tear such as hallways as it can cover up a multitude of plastering woes as well as adding some much needed robustness in high traffic areas.

In order for panelling to fit seamlessly into newer homes, just remember to keep details to a minimum, use simple skirting and cornices for an effortlessly sophisticated look. You can buy it in ready made MDF sheets from building suppliers like Homebase or B & Q. Alternatively contact your local carpenter to discuss something more bespoke.

Thanks for stopping by, have a great weekend all! 🙂

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