Creating a welcoming atmosphere in your home {Part 4 – Coffee station}

coffee cup

Hot drinks are one of my favourite things in life and here’s why…

They’re an invitation to catch up with loved ones and put off whatever trials lie ahead. Is there really anything better than being offered your favourite drink when you visit someone’s home? It’s the best way of making visitors feel relaxed and welcome. Losing track of time as you reconnect with loved ones over a coffee or two is the best way to spend free time, no? Being presented with something unusual or tasty-sounding served in a pretty cup really puts a smile on your face and that little extra effort really goes a long way.

They soften the pace of life. You know when you go on a weekend away, perhaps on a break to a quaint cottage in the country or a relaxing spa hotel and you notice that there’s coffee making facilities in the room? Isn’t it just the best!? I have great memories of sitting up in bed, mug in hand, munching on the packet of biscuits (usually ginger nuts or something oaty and yummy) and flicking through a pile of leaflets deciding where to explore in the morning. Aah life’s simple pleasures!

They help you relax and reflect. I remember having a particularly bad day at work one day and I drove to my friend’s house in a right old state. As soon as she opened the door, she handed me a hot chocolate piled high with marshmallows. She didn’t need to say anything but she knew that a listening ear and a cup of loveliness would put the world to rights.

In summary? few situations aren’t vastly improved by putting the kettle on. 

This has led me to pay more attention to the humble cuppa. I do love my coffee and I think the coffee station area grew since we bought our coffee machine. Adam’s parents bought one first and we were in awe! (this was back when they were relatively a new thing, now they’re everywhere!) So we went ahead and bought the Dolce Gusto ‘Krups’ model.

Dolce Gusto Krups machine

There are far fancier models on the market (some with eye-watering price tags and the need for endless counter top space to house them I’ve found!) but I really couldn’t be happier with ours- it’s affordable, compact and stylish. My parents have since bought one and so have most of my friends! The Dolce Gusto website has a wide range of delicious pod flavours, some of which are online exclusives such as iced cappuccino, peach iced tea and Marrakesh style green tea (delivery is free on orders of £20 or over) All this variety means that we use our coffee machine daily so its managed to avoid meeting the same fate as so many of our other kitchen gadgets which now reside in the very depths of the cupboard (RIP cake-pop and waffle makers)

My idea of a perfect coffee station:

  • My Dolce Gusto coffee machine (love, love, love)
  • Skinny cappuccino and latte macchiato pods (my two favourites, but there are loads of varieties available)
  • A mug tree to display only the prettiest porcelain
  • Clip storage jars for biscuits & treats (Italian amaretti & Mr Kipling’s salted caramel vienesse swirls are my fave ‘bits on the side’)
  • A teabag holder (because the bin is oh so far away)
  • Cute teaspoons
  • A selection of syrups
  • A coco shaker
  • A clipboard holding a sweet little illustration

Coffee station

Monin syrups are one of my favourite coffee additions. Vanilla, hazelnut and caramel flavours are available in most supermarkets but you need to head over to the Monin website, that’s where things get interesting! I mean they really do have every flavour imaginable. I’m loving butterscotch and macaroon at the moment.

Monin syrups

Mug tree

My mug tree is by Ashley Thomas at Debenhams.

Clip storage jars

A teabag holder is my lazy time saving addition to the coffee station!

Coffee station


I love making a drink and looking at this lovely view, listening to the birds and watching the horses. When the wind blows, the blossom from the Hawthorn trees blows around like confetti, it’s mesmerising. The Hawthorn, also known as the May-tree due to its flowering period, is a lovely reminder that Summer is just around the corner!


Coffee station 2.Coffee station 3


Let us pay homage to the humble hot drink and make drinking coffee more of an experience. If your mugs are looking a little tired or chipped, why not treat yourself to some new ones, or try out a coffee syrup to liven up your drinks! Why not decant biscuits or hot chocolate powder into pretty jars for an instant kitchen uplift. You’ll be surprised how a few little changes will make your kitchen a much more welcoming place.

My top 5 additions to your new coffee station

Praline syrup

Etsy coffee print

Bunny storage jar

Beach huts mug


1- Monin praline syrup for coffee

2- Alice in Wonderland coffee art

3- bunny storage jar

4- beach hut mug

5-personalised stamped spoons

Caffine, we salute you! 

5 thoughts on “Creating a welcoming atmosphere in your home {Part 4 – Coffee station}

  1. Hi Ruth,

    Thanks for featuring my stamped spoons!

    I agree with your sentiment completely. Now everyone is so busy with work and kids, my girlfriends and I never get to hang out at Starbucks anymore… so I decided to make it happen in my kitchen instead. I work from home and I adore my having my own little ‘coffee shop corner’ to recreate those moments, celebrate the everyday things and squeeze a little ‘me’ time back into the day.

    1. Hi Jess! Thank you for taking the time to comment, it means a lot. I’ve had so many friends declare their love for your stamped silverware, it really is lovely! I particularly like the ice cream spoons, would make for the perfect gift this summer. I’m glad my post rings true, it really is these little things that just make every day life that little bit more fabulous.
      Best wishes,

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