Hallway reveal {A 1st attempt at getting to grips with my new camera}

go to link So, its been an exciting week here at No. 49, I’ve had a much anticipated delivery from Caisley Co – a company who makes stunning pieces of furniture made from reclaimed and recycled wood. They’re based right here in the UK but more on that in a later post! In the meantime please have a nosey at their Instagram page, there’s so many beautiful pieces to admire.  I’ve also gone and bought myself a new DSLR camera (oh yes, things just got serious!) and it’s one hefty piece of kit let me tell you, so the photos in this post are my first snaps!

You may remember in this post, I shared some ideas on how you can spruce up your hallway – from adequate lighting and clever storage solutions, to feel-good paint colours and personalised accessories. I shared with you some achievable and affordable ideas which I’ve used in my home to turn the hallway into a much more welcoming space. Well, I thought I’d share some pictures of my hallway with you so that you can see how all of the elements which I talked about pull together.

Like everywhere else in the house when we first moved in, the hallway was bland, beige and devoid of any architectural character (gosh that was brutal, sorry house!) It was however spacious and light which as I’ve said before, are the two most important elements in a home. I loved how wide the hall was and how the double-height staircase leading off drew the eye upwards, increasing the feeling of space even more. I also loved how you could stand at the front door and see all the way through the house to the end of the garden; having an uninterrupted visual flow from room to room helps your home feel calm and connected.

We started by banishing the beige and painted the hall, stairs and landing in Dulux’ Chic Shadow which is a soft, mid- grey.

Chic Shadow
Chic Shadow by Dulux

Next on the list was storage. Having somewhere to store your shoes is always essential in a hallway. I settled on this sturdy and utterly charming apple crate to keep our shoes tidy which I bought from a company called Vintage Apple Crates. At only 30cm deep, it fits perfectly into the little recess by the stairs. Yes the crate has uneven slats, dents and marks but in a past life it was a genuine apple crate and I love the honest, rustic feel about it.

Apple Crate storage 2

Apple crate close-up 1

Apple crate shoe rack 1

These Fleur de Lis design wall hooks from Etsy keep coats and scarves from ending up just being slung over the banister and they’re so pretty!

close up hooks 1

With just these couple of additions, that little corner of the hall really started to look homely!

Hallway corner 1

To disguise an uninspiring bog-standard radiator, we bought a radiator cover and the fretwork design adds character and style. We went for the Cambridge radiator cover from B&Q and at £62 it’s great value for money. It also offers extra surface space to display personalised accessories.

radiator cover

accessories 2

accessories 3

Hanging this Georgian Window Mirror by Hill Interiors above the radiator reflects natural light around the space and has really helped create some depth in our hallway.

mirror 1

To add some further character and interest, above the front door is this beautiful wall decoration! It’s hand-carved and made from limed mango wood which I bought from Cox & Cox.

Wooden wall decoration 1

Our demi-Lune table from HomeSense fits snugly into a corner and offers great storage including the all important ‘man drawer!’

Demi lune table

demi-lune table 1

I love anything crystal or cut glass, so when I saw this swirl light fitting in Dunelm, I fell in love. Opting for a ceiling light with multiple arms also ensured that light is evenly distributed around the space.

ceiling light

Sticking with lighting, table and floor lamps help create a warm, cosy atmosphere in a hallway. I chose the Mirielle table lamp by BHS.


Don’t you just love the way the light creates patterns on the walls? aaaah!


I hung this meaningful quote in a glass frame by the front door to add some personality to the space. It makes me smile every time I leave the house! (Have a look at some of my other favourite quotes, which I struggled to chose between, in this post) They’d all look equally lovely hung by the front door wouldn’t you agree?


So there you are! I hope you’ve enjoyed this little tour around my hall. As you can see, there’s loads of ways to add some interest, personality and character to your hallway.

Hallway 1

Have you recently spruced up your hallway or are after some more ideas? Let me know and leave a comment below, I’d love to hear from you.



4 thoughts on “Hallway reveal {A 1st attempt at getting to grips with my new camera}

  1. Just love the look you’ve created here. Would love to create something similar in our hallway. We’ve just recently decorated and need to add character.

  2. Beautiful stuff Ruth ? I really like the radiator cover with the mirror over which resembles a window or is it a window ? See I can’t tell! xx
    Also the grey paint ??

    1. Thank you Lisa! It’s amazing the difference a radiator cover can make, the extra surface space its created is invaluable! I tried so many grey paints before deciding on Chic Shadow (it’s a tricky colour to get just right) but I’m so happy with this one. I can highly recommend it!

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