Master bedroom update {The art work is up!} Although the bedroom isn’t completely finished, the art work has finally been put up above the bed and it has made such a difference, I’m really pleased with how it all looks!

generic viagra online tadalafil In my last post, I shared with you the progress so far. The addition of that beautiful Borastapeter lace border above the bed was a decision I’m glad I made. I love the feminine and simple design and it adds a little interest and texture. I’m also super pleased with the Normandy bedside chests from Argos. The handles were spray painted in Rust-Oleum’s Bright Gold and they look as good as the day I painted them, it really is hard-wearing stuff! Here’s how the room looked a few weeks ago…

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see url I shared the mood board with my art work choices in this post. I wanted there to be a small collection of illustrations hung above the bed to provide some peachy tones which compliment the Eau De Nil wall colour oh so well. I bought the white frames from Tesco and hung each frame using Command strips which if you haven’t used before are  buy brand name viagra without prescription an absolute lifesaver when it comes to hanging just about anything. The strips remove cleanly without leaving holes, marks or sticky residue which is perfect if you’re in rented accommodation but still want to personalise the space. It also means you don’t have to faff around nervously banging nails into the wall and hoping for the best. An added bonus is that they are available in black which is ideal for hanging pictures with dark frames. I also used a laser level to make sure I hung everything up straight.

click I do love a gallery wall. Each one is unique and personal to the homeowner and it’s a perfect way of ‘telling a story’ and adding interest to a space. Whether it’s big, small or somewhere in between, the possibilities are endless!

As for the artwork, don’t over-think the pieces involved. They should just be pieces which you love and have meaning to you; this could be a collection of your favourite prints, inspirational quotes or family portraits. The most important thing is for your wall to represent you—your personality and the art you love most, that way, every time you look at it, it will make you smile and it will always be on trend! As a fool-proof way of ensuring the pieces gel together cohesively, make sure all the pieces involved have a common thread, a certain colour for example, the same art medium or similar frames. In the bedroom, I wanted to create a restful atmosphere so my small collection of prints share a limited palette of black, white and peachy tones to create a clean and calming look. Of course mixing things up a bit would create a more dynamic and dramatic look but this may be more suited to a living room or hall way.

The room now has a real cosy feel in the evenings thanks to the layered, textured neutrals and I love how the lamp light creates shadow patterns on the back wall! Artwork sources

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  1. Really enjoyed this insight into your ideas, thanks for sharing them. Such a cosy bedroom , keep up the good work Ruth !

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