My current colour crush – chartreuse {and ideas on how to use it in your home}

Chartreuse (or golden lime as I like to call it) is one of those colors that refuses to be categorised. Is it yellow? Is it green? I think that’s what makes it such an interesting and alluring colour. It can be bold, loud and if over-used, it can create a sort of ‘nuclear glow’ which is not exactly easy on the eye go to link however used sparingly, and in the right shade, it can transform a colour scheme and create some of the most original and dynamic interior spaces I’ve ever seen.

It is a difficult colour to get right and I think that’s why when it works, it makes for such memorable and dynamic interior spaces. The colour comes in many shades; the more subtle, delicate shades are what I’m a huge fan of, and carry with them a modern, uplifting feel.

Via House & Garden

I love this bedroom scheme, just look at how the gorgeous chartreuse headboard pops against the grey walls. Without the pops of colour, it could just look like another forgettable ‘hotel chic’ scheme yet the pink tones and the golden lime add a playful twist taking this already sophisticated scheme to a whole other level.

Similarly, puddling chartreuse curtains along with abstract artwork adds a contemporary twist to this classic scheme in a very grand, period apartment in London.

Via Rose Uniacke

Isn’t this scheme by talented interior designer Rose Uniacke simply incredible?!

Via Rose Uniacke

I love how the tongue and groove panelling in this cottage bathroom has been given the chartreuse treatment to create a rustic look with a bit of an edge. Chintzy florals could well have been used in such a quaint setting but the bold monochrome scheme coupled with antique wash-basin, the almost gothic outline of the mirror and the deep shade of chartreuse create a completely different feel.

Via The Future Kept

Flashes of this half green, half yellow colour are so appealing and without realising it, this colour has been creeping into my home! I have a beautiful print in the kitchen by one of my favourite illustrators – Alice Tait, and look, a cheeky splash of chartreuse!

‘Portobello Road, Antique Shops’ Print Via Alice Tait


I picked up this crocheted beauty by Emma Charlotte Makes from a craft fair a few years back and look, another hint of chartreuse…

More recently I’ve been drooling over this wallpaper by Sanderson and was determined to get it into my home somewhere… anywhere!

Via Sanderson

I’ve always loved the idea of introducing pattern in the downstairs WC having seen so many wallpapered feature walls in restaurant toilets and show homes, so, I’ve decided to paper the back wall of the downstairs WC and inject a confident burst of chartreuse into my home! I’m so excited. It’s a stunning design and one of my favourite wallpaper designs. Although the design is available in lots of different colour-ways including gorgeous muted greens and blues, I have so many of these shades in the house already that something different was needed I felt.

Via Sanderson

Despite the swallows design being circa 1930s, the chartreuse background gives a modern, uplifting edge – the perfect balance of old and new which I love. I cannot stress how beautiful this colour is in real life! Such a perfect, soft, muted shade of golden lime. I can’t wait for it to be up! {the decorator is booked this week – my Easter treat!}

So there you go! Chartreuse featured in modern, classic and rustic properties used to create some really dynamic interior spaces I’m sure you’ll agree. I hope I’ve convinced you that this colour is a beautiful one and/or inspired you to use it in your own home!

Stay tuned for updates on my downstairs WC refresh – mood board and before and after coming soon!

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