My home {Behind the door of No 49}

go to link So, I thought I’d start off by giving you a little background on our home and the reasons why we fell in love with it. We moved into No. 49  back in December 2014. Adam and I had been living in an apartment in a converted school for four years and were getting itchy feet. Let me rephrase, I was getting itchy feet! but in all seriousness, I think we were ready for the next rung on the property ladder (the only ladder you’ll ever see me on, heights make me go a bit weak at the knees, and not in a good way!)

go We loved apartment living and the mix of old and new. The building was a 1930’s former Girl’s High school which had been converted into apartments with generous sized rooms and beautiful floor-to-ceiling windows which flooded the place with light.

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Via Morris Homes

It was a real privilege to live in such a beautiful building for our first home.

Via Morris Homes

It was so exciting to see the building work progress and the housing development company did a really sympathetic conversion, retaining many of the original features. Being the first people to live there, we got to choose the flooring, tiles and worktops which made it feel more like ours and there were less compromises to make. It was quite an unglamerous process but also our first taste of housing renovation and I loved it! We felt like we were in an episode of ‘The Restoration Man’ and that George Clarke would appear at any moment in a hard hat exclaiming “look at that!”


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We loved our first home. It was light, low-maintenance and had a history which I was fascinated with. I remember visiting the local archives one day and reading all about the building when it was a school. By sheer coincidence, I met a wonderful lady there who was a former student at the school and she shared with me some beautiful memories of her time there. She told me how the path leading up to the school was lined with cherry trees and she and her friends would pick the blossom and put it in each other’s hair.

Via Wolverhampton Archives

I could have listened to her all day!

When we bought the apartment, I had just qualified as a primary school teacher and was really focused on my new career, I mean, it was all-consuming  so I didn’t have much time for any decorating projects. The entire apartment was painted white when we moved in and I liked it so we kept the look fresh and timeless. The space was functional, clean and modern and despite our tight budget, we did our best to make it stylish but knowing it wasn’t our forever home, I didn’t really go all out.

follow After

I wanted to go all out,

and with our second property, there was the perfect opportunity to!

We viewed No. 49 at the beginning of September 2014. It was late summer when Mother Nature really was just showing off, putting on a finale of colours and sounds before autumn set in. We completely fell in love with the surroundings. The house was one of four new builds occupying a piece of land which was formerly one farmhouse.  Over the road was green-belt countryside which would reassuringly never be built on. The local pub was a two-minute walk up the lane and a nature reserve was just a stone’s throw away too.

View from the master bedroom
View from the kitchen

As for the house itself,  the internal layout worked for us, there was plenty of built-in storage and we also had the added bonus of a garden which we didn’t have at the apartment (barbecue tongs at the ready!) There was a double height staircase which I loved as it really opened up the space and I couldn’t wait to browse the possibilities of statement light fittings which were now calling my name. Furthermore, from living in the apartment, we loved the idea of no hidden costs or surprises and everything being brand new again, including the thought of  no-one else having used the toilets (such a comforting thought!)

new 2
No. 49 exterior

We moved in on 23rd December 2014, just in time for Christmas! I then began the process of injecting some character, personality and interest into our new home.

I loved so much about it already, I couldn’t wait to add to that list!

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