My love of interior style magazines {and my upcoming feature in one of them!}

female viagra reviews uk I’m excited to share some interior related news with you all! I will be appearing in the August issue of Style At Home magazine. If you are a subscriber of this magazine or have read it before then I’m preaching to the converted, but if you don’t, then take heed! There are loads of home magazines out there and they are such a useful source of home styling inspiration. I love them all I really do but I can’t possibly subscribe to each and every one. Let me tell you why ‘Style at Home’ is my magazine of choice…

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viagra 20mg online uk viagra levitra cialis uk It’s something to look forward to…

buy viagra online order generic viagra Each month, the latest edition of Style At Home drops onto my door mat with a satisfying thud. Sometimes I’m expecting it, other times it’s a wonderful surprise (depends on how busy I am that month really!) and I grab a cup of tea (strong, 1 sugar, in my favourite Pip Studio mug) and curl up on the sofa for an afternoon of indulging my passion for all things interiors because “too much of a good thing,” as Oscar Wilde once said, “can be wonderful.”

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source link here It’s obtainable inspiration…

I remember reading a pricer home mag, you know the sort where you barely get any change out of a fiver, and came across an interesting renovation of a country house in Oxfordshire. The living room was beautiful; ornate mirrors adorned the walls, floor to ceiling sash windows flooded the room with light and the sofas faced each other. I couldn’t see a TV though but saw that in the caption it read “This is the room where the family congregates to talk or read. Those who want to watch TV retire to the television room in the coach house.” I’ve been reading a lot about this ‘unplugged lifestyle recently and it’s a highly commendable way of living- promoting less tech and more talk and investing more time in interaction with family rather than with screens.

Another homeowner was asked about what her favourite thing in the house was, she replied with “our wooden statue. My husband and I carried it ourselves through the jungle in Borneo”

In summary, as much as I am fascinated reading about lifestyles far removed from my own, I simply cannot relate to much of it on a personal level. (I really don’t know what I’d do without my Saturday night box set binges) Those of you who have read the go ‘Meet Ruth’ page, my rationale for this blog really is all about interior style being attainable. Sadly we don’t all live in cavernous homes or have bottomless purses but we make the most of what we have and we’re happy. ‘Style at Home’ magazine features several reader’s homes each month and each one is fascinating, relatable and real. I love to be immersed in each homeowner’s properties and get a sense of their personality and style (and yes a lot of it stems from the fact I’m just plain nosey!)

enter It’s great value for money…

At 1.99 per issue, it’s fantastic value for money (and even cheaper with an annual subscription!)

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So look out for my little cameo appearance in the August issue of ‘Style At Home’ magazine. I’ll be offering readers suggestions, practical tips and advice to go alongside some of the features and help readers get the most from each article. Earlier this week, I was sent draft pages of features that will appear in the August issue to peruse and comment on, it’s been a fascinating experience and has given me an insight into the amazing job of magazine editors.

Do you have a favourite interior style magazine? What is your opinion of Style At Home magazine? I’d love to hear your thoughts!

Enjoy the Bank Holiday weekend everyone 🙂

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