The £10 bedroom refresh {because everybody loves a bargain}

I love it when I find catalogues and magazines on the doormat rather than bills and bank statements, so when the new SS2016 NEXT catalogue came through the door, I enjoyed having a flick through with a cuppa. Next Home always have a great range of affordable and tasteful home accessories, often in perfectly matching ranges which are great for those who prefer a coordinated look. This bed cover inparticular caught my eye…



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I am a little obsessed with painterly florals and watercolours in home accessories at the moment so this tile print range was right up my street. It was £45 for the King size bed set but I can see that the price is justified. I mean it’s beautifully detailed, you’d want to look at it all day and the piped edging on the pillowcases adds a high-end finish. I didn’t need it though and £45 is a lot to spend on something unnecessary. I kept thinking about it though, it was just so damn pretty!

A few days after my ‘love at first sight’ encounter (with what was essentially a piece of material) I was doing a food shop in Morrisons and had a look at the home accessories.  Although the range is pretty limited, I came across a mosaic-print bed set similar to the Next one.

Morrisons bed cover

Granted it wasn’t as detailed but still had a Moroccan vibe and some of the painterly, dusky colours of the NEXT one. What finalised my decision was the price though. At £10 for the king size, how could I say no? A Spring bedroom refresh for a tenner!

New bed set

bed set 2

It’s amazing what a change of bedding can do for a bedroom, it can transform the mood and feel of the space with next to no effort required!


Bed set 6

bed set 3

Never underestimate the power of a new bed set. Something as simple as a new duvet cover can make a room feel like brand new and help you fall back in love with your bedroom if you felt it was looking a little tired.

I do love supermarket home accessories. Asda, Sainsburys and Tesco in particular have really upped their game in recent years, tapping into the same current trends in interiors as the leading designers but at a fraction of the price. I have a gorgeous floral duvet set with a crochet-trim which I bought from Asda around a year and a half ago. It’s still going strong and is better quality and lower maintenance than some of the pricier sets I’ve paid upwards of £80 for.

Hmmm, now what to do with the £35 I’ve saved……..

What do you think of my new bedding?  Have you invested in a new bed set this season to refresh your bedroom? I’d love to know so go on, share in a comment below!

4 thoughts on “The £10 bedroom refresh {because everybody loves a bargain}

  1. That’s lovely. Time for me to find some nice floral summer bedding. Just wish Asda and co had curtains to match their duvet covers.x

  2. Beautiful ! We have recently added a new fresh look to our bedrooms too this season going with an all white duvet cover with white embroidery. It looks so clean and fresh against the newly painted walls with a subtle, pale grey feature wall. So pleased with the look.

    1. That sounds gorgeous Lisa especially the embroidery! It sounds like you’ve created a really calming, restful space.

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